TMS Treatment for Depression in Anne Arundel


TMS Treatment for Depression in Anne Arundel

What is rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)?

rTMS is a completely non-invasive way to stimulate nerve cells in areas of the brain. It is used by Healthcare Professionals to treat a range of brain and nerve related disorders. rTMS has become an effective treatment forclinical depression, especially where other therapies have failed.

How does it work?

The brief and highly focused magnetic pulses stimulate a region of your brain that is key to mood control. This stimulation is proven to ease depression symptoms and improve mood.

What are the advantages of rTMS Therapy?

Few side effects


 Non pharmacological treatment

 Long lasting effects

 No anaesthesia required

 Outpatient therapy

Is rTMS right for me?

rTMS treatment has gained clinical clearance in many countries and has shown efficacy in drug resistant depression patients. It is recommended that you should always consult with your doctor, psychiatrist,qualified healthcare professional or a medical staff member.

What can I expect during treatment?

You will be taken to a comfortable room where you will be seated for the procedure. Once you are ready to begin, the therapist will position a movable device containing the magnetic coil close to your head. You will remain awake and alert throughout the treatment; afterwards you will be able to get back to your regular daily activities. TMS treatment is non-invasive. There is no anesthesia or sedatives required, so patients are awake and alert the whole time. For the patient, treatment is a relaxed and straightforward process. Expect to sit in a specially designed chair; to wear ear-plugs (due to the sound of the device) and have the choice to read or watch television throughout the treatment

Are there any side effects?

rTMS is known to have few side-effects and this is one reason why it is such an attractive therapy.Some patients notice a mild headache that disappears shortly afterwards.